Win Stuff Wednesday - Manic Fly Collection Dry Sample Pack

By Chris Sharland 02/13/2019

I've got a few flies hanging out on my desk getting in the way so why not use this opportunity to give away a little gateway drug sample pack to get one lucky person hooked (pun unintentional) on some of the new dries in the 2019 Manic Fly Collection. We’ve got that good stuff…

1x Bum Fluff Stimi

1x Quill Klink

1x Hi Vis PMX

1x Wicked Wulff

1x Jake’s Blackout Stone Skwalla

1x Low Blow

1x Indi Klink

The prize goes to the first person to bring me a stolen car stereo or VCR...or alternatively, we'll pick a winner at random...just enter HERE