Win Stuff Wednesday - Airflo SuperFlo TRC Fly Line

By Chris Sharland 07/31/2019

Airflo SuperFlo TRC Fly Line

Well the Tongariro is firing, stock has just arrived and the Sporting Life Winter Fly Fest is just around the corner so we figure it's just about the perfect time to give away a new Airflo SuperFlo TRC fly line. If you're heading along for the weekend then it's a great time to have one of these lines rigged up because our very own Kyle Adams will be running a "How To Tongariro Roll Cast" seminar on the Saturday morning so you'll be the cool kid on the block with one of the first TRC lines out there. But the line isn't just for the TRC, it's IDEAL for it, but it's also the perfect general roll casting / single hand spey / whatever-you-like-to-call-it fly line.

So all you need to do, as usual, is simply HIT THIS LINK and you're in the draw.

And check the Airflo SuperFlo TRC fly line in action below as demonstrated by Mr Andrew Harding...