Win Stuff Wednesday - Airflo SuperDri Tracker Flyline (with review)

By Chris Sharland 10/24/2018


Review by Johnny Gummer, Hunting & Fishing Manawatu

Big dries, heavy nymphs? Indicator rigs? Casting in wind? Want easy, quick fire distance casts?

The Airflo SuperDri Tracker should be right up your avenue. Following on from Airflo’s Hero line, the tracker is a thinner and more refined beast from what was my favourite distance casting line.

'Nakis very own 'Big Macko' diggin the Tracker with the finer specimans

I’m super impressed with the versatility of the Tracker with on the water performance. Here is what I’ve found from putting it through its paces:

Uber Quick Loading –

When quick casting efficiency and sniper abilities are key to covering more water the Tracker will become your next best friend!

Quiet Presentation –

The Trackers ability to turnover big dries and heavy flies with ease but still able to layout a smaller fly with minimal disturbance makes it a highly versatile line.

Visible To Us, But Not Your Quarry –

All over the blue heron colour! Super nice to be able to see the line in the air and on the water for greater loop and line control but dissolves from the trout’s perspective – sky camo!

So, if you fish medium to large sized waterways, require longer rigs with indicators and larger flies but like throwing sexy distance casts then the Airflo Tracker should be a very serious contester. Go get some!

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