Win Stuff Wednesday - A Manic Fly Collection Trifecta

By Chris Sharland 02/05/2020

Over the coming days and weeks you're going to be seeing a whole bunch of new patterns released from the Manic Fly Collection. To say we're pretty excited about what's to come is an understatement, there's going to be extra very fishy fly boxes out there soon. As a bit of a primer we've picked out three new flies that all bring something different to the table, are good to fish right now and cover off a few different techniques for you. So let's get into it:

Hippie Stomper

Manic Fly Collection Hippie Stomper

The Hippie Stomper is basically a super pimped out Humpy that has all the triggers and functionality of a handy, generalist terrestrial. The foam back and large white post ensures it's a super floaty indicator and searching pattern while the rubber legs and hackle give it that super buggy "eat me" imprint on the surface. Is it a beetle, or a blow fly, or a cicada? Simple answer, yes.

Two Bit Hooker

Manic Fly Collection Two Bit Hooker

We're in that time of year where it's all about size and stealth but we still need a bit of help getting the flies down in front of the fish. Enter the sneaky little Two Bit Hooker. The super slim profile ensures we're ticking the stealth box but also helps the fly move through the water column quicker, and the two small, well-hidden tungsten beads just turbocharge that sink rate into the zone where you want to be. Hang one of these under a Hippie Stomper and you have yourself a dynamic duo for summertime sight fishing, or for exceptionally tricky fish tie one on the end of a long leader and watch that mouth.

JR's Conehead Streamer

JR's Conehead Streamer Olive

OK, so you've come across some fussy or highly pressured fish that aren't interested in eating. You've covered them well with the dry dropper rig, thrown a single nymph at them with no interest but thankfully the fish hasn't spooked. Time to try the new JR's Conehead Streamer and see if you can get that tricky bugger to move. This is a nice sized fly in the sense it's meaty enough but still easy to cast. The conehead will get the fly down from the get go and the olive colouration of the fly is a great imitator of loads of smelt and bait in NZ with some eye catching UV thrown in the mix. The big, freaked out eyes also scream "please don't eat me!" which is enough to fire a stubborn trout up. Appeal to that ego.

We've got six mixed packs of these new Manic Fly Collection patterns to giveaway so JUST HIT THIS LINK, name the three flies and you're in the draw to win.