At Manic we stand behind everything we sell, we understand fishing and what products go through. If it turns out there is a manufacture fault in one of our products then we'll look after you. Quite seriously we want you to be on the water enjoying our products. The only thing we need to talk about sometimes is when a product breaks and it's not the fault of the product. We understand this happens and from our point of view this is cool and we're not here to rip you off when creating a solution. What we ask from you is to accept some responsibility in paying a reasonable amount for the repair and handling of your products.

Airflo Warranty

All Airflo fly lines are covered by a 5 year non crack warranty. What this means is a warranty against radial cracking, where the fly line breaks down into a series of sections. The warranty does not cover line cuts or abrashion from rocks, wading boots or if you cut the line with a pair of scissors because you thought it was funny. In short your Airflo fly line should outlast anything on the market if you look after it properly.

Scott Fly Rod Warranty

Every new Scott fly rod and blank is covered by Scott’s Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Broken rods and blanks will be repaired or replaced, at Scott’s discretion, at no charge. A discontinued model may be replaced, at Scott’s discretion, with a similar current model. There will be a return shipping & handling charge on all repairs. Scott rods that are purchased second-hand, not registered with Scott within 30 days of purchase, or have a serial number lower than 35,000 are not under warranty and will be charged a reasonable fee for repairs plus the return shipping & handling fee. A damaged rod may not be exchanged for credit. We'll complete and return most repairs within 4 weeks of receipt. It takes a little longer to repair a handcrafted Scott fly rod. We match the new blank section to your old section and hand fit the ferrules to insure that your repaired rod performs as well as the original. Rods that have been discontinued for over four years may take longer than current stock models.

All Scott warranties should be sent to your local Scott Dealer who will arrange the Warranty with us. From Manic's point of view we work as quickly as we can to get your Scott rod back to you in the same way it was before you broke it. We're pleased that Scott take the time to correctly rebuild your rod to their set deflections so you will always have the rod you love.