Tim Angeli Reviews The Simms Midstream Jacket

By Tim Angeli 08/19/2019

Simms Midstream Insulated Jacket


Rods and reels are always the flash gear that we all seem to lust after, but I've found that often times the simpler bits of gear can have just as much of an impact (or more!) on a day on the water. Without a doubt, the Simms Midstream Jacket falls into that category of a simple bit of kit that is an absolute 'must have.' Ever since my initial outing with it to keep out the autumn ocean breeze while chasing kingfish, it has consistently become one of the first items that goes into my bag for any trip.

It is super light and takes up very little space in a pack, but is incredibly warm - which is why it lives in my fishing pack year-round. The synthetic insulation maintains it's warmth when wet, which means I don't have to stress about a bit of light drizzle or ocean spray. Most importantly, it's bloody comfortable.

The Midstream Jacket has proven to be the perfect layer for anything from a frigid winter's day on the Tongariro to an unexpectedly southerly 'breeze' in the high country. Warm, functional, light, and versatile - this jacket is worth it's weight in gold on any fishing adventure.