The Wonderfully Marvelous Travels Of Mr Nick Reygaert

By Nick Reygaert 12/05/2019

I recently returned from an epic five week fly fishing trip through Latin America hosting anglers from NZ and Aussie in four epic locations chasing all manner of finned creatures from giant tarpon in the ocean to prettily marked brook trout in spring creeks.

We started at Rio Colorado in Costa Rica, tarpon were our target and there is no better place on the planet to consistently hook giant tarpon than at the mouth of this gigantic river. Hundred pound fish are the norm here, in fact it was difficult for our group to get one smaller than that. The action was thick and fast from the get go and by the end of the week I was preying that I hooked a small one as arms and back had taken a hammering. The gear got a proper working out too. I was fishing with the Scott Meridian 15wt paired with a Waterworks Lamson Cobalt and it delivered big style, just lapping up the huge runs that these beasts power into. Not all of the tackle stood the test for our group, we were two rods and one reel down by stumps on the last day. Everyone caught at least two tarpon for the week with one lucky angler getting seven to the boat.

From Costa Rica, myself and four of the crew travelled onto Argentina’s Jurassic Lake (Lago Strobel). We picked up another six anglers in Buenos Aires, including my old mate Craig Rist. We were staying at Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge for the week, a super slick operation with superb guide team and staff. The forecast for our week was for a couple of calm days followed by the wind slowly strengthening. We made hay early in near perfect conditions, sight fishing the lake edges in the crystal clear water. Everyone had their PB rainbow by the end of day one. And it just got better from there. The highlight for me was catching huge rainbows in the river on skated mice patterns; a tactic that I had not used before in this fishery. The river produced my biggest rainbow for the week and pulled the lie detector down to 14lb old scale. It was hard to leave with many vowing to return soon to what is without a doubt the best trophy rainbow fishery in the world.

Four of the party including myself then went onto an operation called “Route of the Springcreeks”, the program is run by the Biott family. They have been running an estancia in Santa Cruz their entire lives, it just so happens that they have a world-class springcreek that runs right next to the estancia house. The two sons, Juan-Manual and Tomas, are full time guides and fly fishing tragics while their mother and father organise the accommodations and food. It is a great set up.

The main lure for fly fishers from Aussie and NZ is that these spring creeks are home to some thumping brook trout. The program is designed so that you get to fish a number of different fisheries, all with their own appeal. One crystal clear creek flows through a neighbouring property, their uncle’s place, another river is an hour drive south and is home to brookies up to 7 pounds.

The final leg of my journey was to fish the mighty Parana River for golden dorado from a mothership operation. It was finally time to get back into fishing pants which was very welcome after two weeks straight in waders. This part of the journey I was alone and I had a ball throwing huge streamers into structure for golden dorado and poppers in the back water for wolf fish.

The hosted trips were so popular that I’ve already booked my dates for the return in 2020. GET IN TOUCH if you want to experience any of these amazing fisheries.