We are the oldest fly fishing club in Australia.  

Sydney based we specialise in fresh water fly fishing.

Members travel widely within Australia and overseas for both fresh and salt water fly fishing.

New members are always welcome.


The New South Wales Rod Fishers' Society is a Sydney based fly fishing club which was founded in 1904 with the aim of developing and encouraging fly-fishing, the promotion of good fellowship amongst anglers and the continuation of its heritages and traditions.

With around 200 active fly-fishers who like to get together to fish, or to talk about fishing.  We organise a Field Program for members at various locations, and on the social side, we have monthly luncheons in the city and members talk about, yes, trout. However some of us also fish for everything from mullet to marlin, not only with flies but also with bait and spinners. None of us are perfect!

We conduct numerous other fishing and social events during the year.


Our objects

The key objects of the Society, as recorded in our Constitution, are:

(a) To assist and develop the sport of angling for freshwater fish; to encourage and promote fly fishing.

(b) The promotion of good fellowship amongst amateur anglers. To promote encourage, maintain and strengthen friendship and goodwill among its members and amateur anglers.

(c) To strengthen the heritage and tradition of the Society. To record its history and to enhance its reputation.

(d) To assist and promote the scientific control and restocking of waters, the acclimatisation of fish and all matters incidental thereto.

(e) To affiliate or co-operate with any society or body having kindred objects.

(f) To encourage the development of fishing rods and tackle for angling for freshwater fish; to encourage fly fishing.

Peter Luver

Original water colour by Peter Leuver

For more information visit the website: http://www.nswrodfisherssociety.com/