Techy Thursdays - Stu Hastie's Photography Tips Part 2

By Stu Hastie 11/26/2015

Fish are beautiful no matter what size they are. You don't need a huge fish to make a nice photo, so next time, before you unceremoniously hiff that dink back in the drink, take a moment to just check out how stunning that thing really is.

Most cameras have a macro function. Use it. Get in close and fill the frame, keep it simple and you just might be surprised with the results you get.

If you've got a digital SLR, consider getting yourself a dedicated macro lens. A 100mm macro can double as a mid telephoto lens and is great for portraits. Like fly-rods, you can never have too many lenses.

Here's a few thoughts on shooting fish differently:

  • There's probably no shot that hasn't been taken before. Google images for inspiration, take note of what works for you, and try to replicate that.
  • Take a moment to carefully clean any mud off the fish, and pick it's best side or feature
  • If you're with a mate, co-ordinate them. Tell them how you want the fish held
  • Pay attention to the direction of light and how it falls on the subject. Watch for shadows and blow-outs
  • If the eye isn't in focus, chances are that the shot isn't going to work
  • Composition is key. Study the “rule of thirds” and know when to follow the rules and when to break them
  • Add context into your image. A bit of reel, rod or fly-line changes a fish shot into a fly-fish shot
  • Look after the fish. Fish love water, so keep them in it as long as possible
  • Dead fish photos suck. #keepemwet