Techy Thursday - Fly Fishing Gear I’m Rolling For 2019

By Chris Dore 10/17/2019

The season is all on and with plenty of river time under my belt already, it’s time to let you know what new kit I’m running this October.

Airflo Superflo Dash Fly Line

Airflo Superflo Dash Military Green Fly Line

New for 2019 the Dash incorporates Airflo’s new Superflo technology with a new advanced taper. With a second ‘bump’ at the front of the head you’ll get that extra push in the dying stages of turnover, ensuring that longer leader, indicator or heavier nymph makes it to where it needs to be. A medium aggressive backcountry line with plenty of control.

Simm G4 Pro Shift Pack

This has been the highlight for me, as someone who needs to carry all sorts of kit while guiding, have it easily accessible, yet without the clutter. The disappearing hip pack keeps all the essentials quick to hand yet out of the way when fishing. A well thought out harness and frame keeps things comfortable under load on the longest hikes and ample internal and external storage ensures no toy is left behind. Check out our earlier on the water review of the G4 Pro Shift pack HERE

Loon Black Drops

Loon Black Drops

Simply an eco-friendly option to get your flies deeper, or to get a pair of smaller nymphs down in heavy water. Often that deep feeding fish won’t want a larger fly. Pinching on a tin shot or two can make all the difference. Also a great idea to save carrying a bunch of flies in different weights. Simply pinch on a Loon Black Drop or two to get that lightly weighted fly deep.

Airflo Streamer Max Fly Line

Many pools lend themselves perfectly to a swing yet on the upstream hike, nymphing and dry fly tactics will be the most logical way to pick off fish in feeding positions.

However switching to an easy to cast, easy handling integrated sink tip to get deep and swing those pools on the downstream return not only breaks up an often long hike, but will usually add a few more fish to the tally.

C&F Waterproof Fly Boxes

There’s nothing worse than taking a dunk or having water permeate your flies when the rain is pouring down. If you remember, you must then dry out each fly later that night and if you forget, soggy flies or worse awaits your next expedition. Being on the river daily, waterproof fly boxes are important to me and after breaking away for a season to accommodate less storage space in my chest pack of old, I’m again firmly on the waterproof band wagon for practical reasons.

The C&F 2577 is a medium sized box perfect for my everyday nymphs and the 3308 is my go to, waterproof dry fly case.

With 19 models available in our C&F range, there’s a design that will suit all needs.

If you’re noticing last season’s gear is looking a little ragged then treat yourself, because you’re worth it.