Team Tuesday - Jake Bindon of Rivers To Ranges

By Chris Sharland 08/07/2018

Growing up on a dairy farm outside of Kinloch meant I spent many hours on a boat in Lake Taupo water skiing. My family then relocated down south to a new farm in the Canterbury plains on the banks of the Rangitata River, this opened my eyes up to some incredible fisheries in the early part of my childhood, but it wasn’t until I moved to the Hawkes Bay before I actually started fishing. I am not 100% sure why I got hooked on fishing but having a passion for the outdoors and growing up in rural New Zealand surely helped with this. I still have no regrets missing out on the opportunities of Taupo and South Island as I cannot imagine having any more fun than I do here in the Hawkes Bay. We have an incredible fishery with plenty of rivers that make you want to always push to the next idyllic pool.

16 months ago, I decided to leave my office job and work at Rivers to Ranges in Hastings.  This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The best part of working at Rivers to Ranges is the personal feeling the store has, been a smaller store means we pride ourselves on the service we provide. Talking and helping people with the same passion I have makes my own days on the river more enjoyable as I get to share my experiences and learn from others which in turn makes me pumped for the weekend ahead! Feel free to come in for a chat on your next visit through to the Bay and if you are after some local advice I am happy to assist with making your days fishing as enjoyable as my days out.

With a new season ahead, this normally brings new gear! Something I am also passionate about is supporting the local retailer. Online shopping is becoming far more popular now, this doesn’t mean us keen fishos need to follow the trend. Were already active outdoor people, so why not do the same for your shopping and have a friendly conversation with a person that’s passionate about the same sport as you are.

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