Sunday Share - The Fish Wizard Takes on NZ

By Gus Lapin 02/24/2019

Craig Rist never gets tired of going to New Zealand.

The country has so much to offer for the traveling fly fisher. I kicked off 2019 with a trip to New Zealand's South Island with Simon Hedditch from Tassie, Fishing Southland and Otago Regions.

On this trip I fished a few more lakes and had some amazing tailing action on over cast days. We fished all day, every day for thirteen days straight and caught fish every day.

One of the most memorable days was sight fishing a lake in the rain using a Humpy Blue Bottle. It's amazing how good sight fishing can be in the rain with quality polarized sunglasses and clothing that keeps you dry and warm all day.   

The rivers are always good and the freestone rivers are amazing, they can be so clear and the fish really stand out when they are nymphing. 

Willow grub feeders was another highlight, hanging out of trees with trout rising under my rod tip. When one finally takes the floating willow grub it is loads of fun trying to land them out of the tree on 3lb tippet. NZ isn’t too dissimilar to Tasmania but the average fish in NZ rivers are much larger and in greater numbers. 

Looking forward to the next trip as we all are.