Sunday Share - Simon Taylor ducks out for an overnighter

By Gus Lapin 03/11/2018

Our good mate in Tassie, Simon Taylor managed to sneak away for an overnighter to the beautiful Western Lakes.

"It was great to have a quick overnight trip on the bikes into the ‘back lakes’ with Bruce and Pat. There are only two ways to access the more remote areas of Tasmania’s Western Lakes, walk or use one of only a handful of extremely rough 4wd drive tracks. For us the ride into this area of the Western Lakes fast tracks our trip, lets us take a few important creature comforts you can’t take when walking in (like cold beer), and by making a basecamp at the main Pillans or Julian lakes, creates a great launching platform to head out on foot to more remote headwaters we love to fish.

Summer in Tasmania’s Western Lakes is dry fly sight fishing paradise. Many lakes have prolific hatches and polaroiding the shallow clear waters is to die for! Due to the short nature of this trip we didn’t get too far off the beaten track, but hopefully some good weather is on the horizon so we can get back out there soon, but next time for longer!"