Sunday Share - Let Them Fish

By Guest Blogger 08/02/2015

We are a New Zealand founded and based Non-profit Charitable Organisation collecting used fishing and spearfishing goods and sending it to those in need in the Pacific Islands to better their communities by providing the effective equipment so that their food can become affordable and easily accessible.

Our idea came from a visit to the Pacific Islands, in-particular, Fiji, where we saw locals in awe of our modern equipment, we are fortunate enough to be able to buy from our local fishing shop in New Zealand with ease. We saw them using poor hand spears and drag nets (which are unsustainable) to catch many small fish to provide for themselves and their villages. From this we came to the realisation, New Zealander's have a lot of old fishing or spearfishing gear lying around in their sheds or garages unused as they had replaced it with a new rod, reel or speargun at the beginning of Summer and knowing how generous and willing to help a good cause the Kiwi attitude can be, we decided we would collect this old gear, check over it and ship it on up to the Pacific Island's to those truly in need. 

It started as a school project, but now it has turned into much more than a life long dream.

Watch the video below to see what went on with our first of many shipments to come: