Sunday Share - Bill and Amos' Excellent Adventure

By Gus Lapin 03/25/2018

Local fly fishing legend Bill Mitchell and AFO guide extraordinaire Amos Mapleston found a small break in the weather to go and chase some salty little critters.

“The recent week of tropical weather included humidity, lots of rain and strong winds. The weather was an inconvenience but nobody was complaining after four failed wet seasons on the north east coast. We were looking for any little break in the weather to get back on the flats. The wind dropped below 20 knots and the tides looked reasonable. Fishing with Bill Mitchell who had been flat out at work, we hoped to make the most of this little weather window. We fished some sheltered water and as the tide dropped found some golden trevally trailing along the flat. Bill got a couple of goldens to eat after watching them tail up to the skiff. One fish was definitely better than average and required some dodging of rocks to get it to the boat. More tailing pods of goldens moved across the flats but my casts to fish ended with a small giant trevally eating the fly before the tailing golden or loosing fish after the hook bent. I’m trialling flies tied on lighter gauge wire hooks. Obviously a failure in this instance. Having squeezed all we could from the session and with the tide rising we bailed back home to wait out the rest of the bad weather but satisfied we had made the most of the little weather window that had cracked open for us. Bill was using a Scott Meridian 10wt with Lamson Cobalt reel and Airflo Flats Master line. I was using a Scott 8wt E2 rod and Hatch 7+ with 8wt Chards Tropical Punch floating fly line.”