Sock It To Me

By Adam Royter 04/22/2016

Socks are one of the most underrated items anglers have to wear. I will admit to going barefoot at times, but thats another story. For the miles we do as anglers and the time and effort we go to in choosing the right wading shoes/boots, you’d think we’d know better when it comes to socks? But no!

Thankfully Simms have taken the guess work out of buying good socks by giving them names that even us rock apes can understand!

Wading Sock - The reason I bought these socks is because I like change, and I like to see if I can kill things. The last pair of Simms socks I had (still have) were the Exstream Wading Sock which have now ticked over 5 years of use and have only just holed the heel. So I wanted to try the standard Wading Sock just because!

First impressions are excellent and they feel as good a quality in the hand as the Exstreams, although they are a little shorter in length and a little lighter in thickness. I was thinking a better buy for summer time fishing and, turns out, good idea!

You know you’re on a good sock when after being smashed for two weeks solid; in and out of stinky waders, never really drying out because you sweat like Ronald MacDonald at a KFC convention, and then when you wash them, they come back to you in exactly the same size and shape as they did when they were new - BANG!

I like stuff that has a purpose and is built with brains and brawn in mind. Simms put some good sheep to work making these socks…old mate Merino gets a go and why wouldn’t she! It’s possibly the best material to make a sock out of. Ever!

Points of interest -

•   Awesome wool at 76%, 22% Nylon and 2% spandex.

•   Reinforced knit and smooth fit, toe seam.

•   Arch support for ‘no bunching’ and better fit.


Wet Wading Sock - Why? Because I can! Never really thought about it ‘til I started wet wading a lot more than usual, and having socks that wouldn’t dry overnight and/or smelt so bad that you put them on the fire to kill them outright. Now I love ‘em! I haven't washed them once and they still don't smell and are still in one piece. Not a hell of a lot to say about these Wet Wading Socks apart from the fact that they do what they are designed to do – get wet, not stay wet, don't smell and dry fast. Hello awesome that lives on your feet!

Points of interest -

•   Hydrophobic polypropylene that punches water right in the guts.

•   Flat toe seam which you definitely need on suffer numb-toe-itis.

•   Nice and long

•   Make-up - 80% Polypropylene, 7% spandex and 5% nylon (I don't know where the other 8% is so let just call it ‘The Magic 8’ and be done)

Simms produces a full range of purpose-designed socks, check them all out here.