Simms G4 Pro Jacket

Simms 2019 G4 Pro Wading Jacket


The Simms G4 Pro Jacket has been the pinnacle of wading jackets for many years and the 2019 iteration has really taken the jacket to another level with a best in class three layer Gore-Tex Pro Shell for maximum waterproofing, breathability, wind protection and durability. With internal front pocketing the storage area is now flush to the jacket to minimise line catch and interference from tools and gear as well as making it super packable. Internal shingle cuffs with a Velcro strap cinch down tight keep out water when you have to submerse your hands and all zippered are water resistant ensuring no leakage through the main zip into your layering system or chest pockets. Two micro fleeced lines side pockets help you store gear while keeping your hands warm and the both provide internal access to a rear stowage pocket for more fly boxes, lunches and a small camera. The new Simms G4 Pro jacket has plenty more details to discover so make sure to get your hands on one and check it out for yourself.