Scott S4s Saltwater Fly Rods

S4s Scott Sw fly rods, Saltwater FlyRods. Tarpon, Kingfish, Bonefish, Snapper

  • Natural finish UV coated blanks preserve all the outside power fibers for a high performance durable rod
  • Light tips for low swing weight and quick loading help you make short accurate casts
  • High line speed to help you beat the wind and go long

Why ARC Reinforcement?
We use a highly specialised ultra-lightweight unidirectional carbon to reinforce Scott blanks. This helps the cross section of your rod to stay round in shape even under strain. What that means is your rod is more durable while casting or fighting fish.

Model Line Weight Length
S4s905/4 5 9'0"
S4s906/4 6 9'0"
S4s907/4 7 9'0"
S4s908/4 8 9'0"
S4s909/4 9 9'0"
S4s9010/4 10 9'0"
S4s9011/4 11 9'0"
S4s9012/4 12 9'0"
S4s8813/4 13 8'8"
S4s808/4 8 8'0"
S4s8010/4 10 8'0"

Match Your Scott Rod to the Right Airflo Fly Line

At Manic we are obsessed about getting the right fly rod set up for every occassion and we understand that purchasing a Scott rod is a serious decision, hey it's pretty much life changing. But to get the most out of your rod it's critical to set it up with the right fly line, and that's why we've created a guide to match your Scott rod with the right Airflo fly line. Check it our here to get the right Airflo fly line for your Scott rod.