Salty Saturdays - Airflo Flatsmaster fly line

By Dave Bradley 08/27/2016

Airflo Flatsmaster Flyline

A few of my clients were really struggling with casting heavy crabs, full intermediates are great for this but don’t allow you a quick recast when Permit change direct and do they change direction!  So an intermediate tip line is a great halfway point because the fly needs to be on the bottom and the minute you start stripping a floating line the fly is lifting from that position, but with a 10ft leader and a 10ft intermediate tip this gives you 20ft of line thats not floating.

Problem was all the intermediate tip lines on the market were either way too light duty for a heavy crab, and we are talking real heavy or they were shooting head lines  which in most casters hands are just not accurate enough.

So myself, the team at Manic and the crew at Airflo have solved that problem with the Flatsmaster line and my clients are happy with the results!

Airflo Flatsmaster Line