Salty Saturday - Airflo Bonefish/Tarpon/GT Floating Line

By Bill Mitchell 01/25/2020

The Airflo Bonefish Line is my personal favourite of the Airflo Saltwater Lines. I first encountered it when I took one to Christmas Island Bonefishing. It was a perfect counterpoint to other typically long-headed Bonefish lines. Long-headed lines with a gradual taper are great except when the wind gets up, which it often does wherever Bonefish seem to live. It also worked very well in Hawaii for their typically larger (size 2) bonefish flies. I haven’t been, but I suspect it would make a great Bonefish line for the flats of Aitutaki, Cocos-Keeling or New Caledonia.

The line has a 38-foot head with enough grains to cope with the wind or heavy flies. This is the sort of line that will help cast those big chunky bonefish flies or larger shrimp flies on our tropical flats. It has a relatively neutral colour scheme and features Airflo’s Ridge Technology. I often tell people, this line is a real tropical line – it floats high, and stays stiff in even the hottest northern summers. It doesn’t turn to spaghetti on a hot boat deck and will carry most flies that we use. It isn’t just a Bonefish line, I have used it for general flats fishing for Golden Trevally, but also for fishing river flats for Barra and Threadies.


The Bonefish taper comes in WF6F-WF9F, becomes the Tarpon line at WF10F-WF11F and then steps up to the GT taper at WF-12F. The tapers are also available in Full Intermediate. The line is an excellent choice in Tarpon weights also, probably as a utility saltwater floater. It is a very castable line in the upper weights and would be good for chasing big pelagics like Queenfish and GTs in shallow water. If you don’t know what to buy, but you know you will be fishing shallow water in hot conditions, this is a real contender.

Photo: Bill Mitchell