The Sale Fly Fishing Club was formed in November 1988, we are located in Eastern Victoria, Australia. (Central Gippsland) We currently have around 30 participating members, most of them live and work in and around the Sale and District community. Our members range from school age to retirement. We welcome new members from all ages, from either gender whether you are a beginner wishing to learn the gentle art of fly fishing, or you may be a master with the wand, we cater for all interested persons. 


  • The Sale Fly Fishing Club meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at the Lakeside Club Sale on the corner of Foster Street & Guthridge Parade, Sale. Our meeting starts at 7:30pm and usually runs for a couple of hours.
  • We also meet each month for a fly tying night on the Wednesday night in the following week after the meeting.
  • We have a few trips each year that are well attended by our members. We travel to Lake Eucumbene for the Labour Day Weekend, and to Jindabyne just before the close of the Trout season. We try our hand at Saltwater Fly Fishing at one of the coastal estuarine systems in east Gippsland towards the end of winter, and our last club trip for the year is when the season for Trout has opened again in the spring, we travel to Licola and fish the Macalister and Wellington Rivers for a weekend which is usually late in September. 
  • Aside from the normal club trips, our members fish many local streams and rivers in the Gippsland Region. 

Some members have been targeting saltwater and esturine species in bays and inlets along the Gippsland coast, some of these speices include Black Bream, Estuary Perch, Luderick, Flathead, Salmon and Tailor. There is a hand full of members who have ventured to Northern Queensland and Northern Territory (Lucky Buggers) and they have managed to land Barra, Tuna, Giant Trevally and Queen Fish on fly.


Postal Address: - PO Box 1562 Sale, Vic. 3850

President: - Peter Murray
Mobile - 0438 451 468

Secretary: - Neil Morrison
Mobile - 0427 431 590