Review - Scott Meridian 909/4 Clint Isaac

By Rene Vaz 07/10/2015

As I mentioned yesterday we've been lucky enough to have a number of prototypes to play with of the new Scott Meridian series over the last few months. The rod everyone wanted to play with was the Meridian 909/4, as it was to fill the shoes of the S4s 9' #9 we all new it had to be good. Here's what Clint Isaac from Australian Fly Fishing Outfitters had to say.

I have fished the 9# Meridian Prototype aka Project S for a few months now, gearing it up with a floating line for 30-40 accurate casting for shallow water Barramundi, it feels like an 8# in your hand but match it up with an Airflo intermediate line and it also has the ability to cast a nasty crab fly or clouser in to the This will no doubt become the go to Australian saltwater fly rod, its ultra light in the hand and has the power to handle everything from a small charlie style fly through to a heavy crab. We fished it in tight situations for Barra and in open water chasing Permit and Tuna. 

Clint Isaac - Australian Fly Fishing Outfitters

Here are a few culprits that fewll to the Meridian 909/4 prototype

review scott meridian 909/4

Barramundi , barra on scott meridian 909/4 saltwater fly rod