Airflo Flatsmaster Fly Fishing Line

The Airflo Flats Master fly line features a 10’ fast intermediate tip (1.5 IPS), however unlike most intermediate tip lines on the market that feature a clear tip over a stretchy monofilament core the Flats Master is built using Airflo’s non stretch power core for maximum feel, improved hook sets and optimised casting power. Tester Dave Bradley from Australian Fly Fishing Outfitters points out “compared to many saltwater fly destinations which are based around bonefish, in Australia we tend to fish relatively large flies and the non stretch core is critical for setting the bigger hooks well”. The Flats Master features Airflo’s popular bonefish taper, Manic’s Rene Vaz states “we found the intermediate tip section delivers enough power to knock over heavy crab patterns without the need to move to a more aggressive taper which in turn would have created more shallow water issues by being too splashing and overpowering short casts”. The belly and running line of the Flats Master are a pale sky blue colour whilst a light grey tinge to the clear tip helps it to disappear underwater and reduces the flash given off by clear tip fly lines. The Flats Master is available in weights 8 through to 10 to cover everything from in shore bream through to permit and other larger flats species.



For nearly 70 years, the majority of fly lines have been made from PVC – a naturally rigid plastic that requires the use of plasticisers to make PVC lines functional. These plasticisers are anything but a permanent part of a PVC line. You see, from the minute it’s made, a PVC line begins breaking down - leaching plasticisers into the environment and contaminating you and the waters you fish. Once it has shed enough of these, it becomes prone to cracking, even failure. If that’s not enough, as it decomposes, PVC is known to release Dioxins - a group of lethal, bioaccumulating toxins. Consequently, it’s virtually impossible to safely recycle a PVC line. All of which is why Airflo never uses PVC. Instead, our lines are made from Polyurethane - an inert, stable, fully recyclable material that requires no plasticisers and lasts far longer than PVC.

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