Airflo Brookie Kids Fly Rod

The Airflo Brookie fly rod was designed with junior anglers in mind. After years of teaching kids to fly fish with rods designed for adults we've decided to change things. To start with, we slimmed down the handles to suit smaller hands, then we shortened the rods to 7'9" to reduce swing weight and wrist fatigue; and lastly we created a smooth progressive action that is easy to load and works at any distance. What's important to note is our choice to make this rod in a six weight; normally rods of this length would be rated for a #3 or #4 line, but what we wanted was a rod that was able to handle heavy nymphs, bushy dry flies and most importantly, land decent sized trout. And for the clever adults, they're going to figure out that this is a nice little rod for poking around overgrown streams and creeks.

  • High density graphite mid modulus blank
  • Anodised aluminium reel seats, SIC stripper guides and titanium coated single foot guides
  • High quality slim cork handles with attractive rubber cork accents
  • Cordura tube with cloth rod bag


BR-796/4 7'9" 6 4pc

For nearly 70 years, the majority of fly lines have been made from PVC – a naturally rigid plastic that requires the use of plasticisers to make PVC lines functional. These plasticisers are anything but a permanent part of a PVC line. You see, from the minute it’s made, a PVC line begins breaking down - leaching plasticisers into the environment and contaminating you and the waters you fish. Once it has shed enough of these, it becomes prone to cracking, even failure. If that’s not enough, as it decomposes, PVC is known to release Dioxins - a group of lethal, bioaccumulating toxins. Consequently, it’s virtually impossible to safely recycle a PVC line. All of which is why Airflo never uses PVC. Instead, our lines are made from Polyurethane - an inert, stable, fully recyclable material that requires no plasticisers and lasts far longer than PVC.

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