Primal Fly Rod Series Review

By Mike Davis 12/21/2018

Primal RAW Freshwater Fly Rod

Are you looking to take your fly fishing to the next level?

Have you ever wanted to cast further distances with tighter loops?

Until now, high modulus, high-end fly rods have been reasonably expensive to buy. All that is about to change with the new “Primal” range that has just landed in store.

Come on down to your local Hunting & Fishing New Zealand store and ask to give the new Primal rod a cast. I’m sure you will be highly impressed by the look, feel and actions of the rods.

At $500, the Primal rod punches well above its weight, more importantly, it could be a significant milestone on the road to becoming a more successful angler. The Primal rod range makes a fantastic upgrade option for anglers who are looking to make the next step up, after having got into fly fishing with one of the “start out” Airflo packages.

I was really impressed when we went out and fished the 5 and 6 weight rods on our local King Country rivers. The 5 weight is a stunning summertime backcountry rod on small to medium size rivers and streams. The 6 weight, with more punch, will be a fantastic South Island river rod or double up as a great summer lake rod around the central North Island.

For those who enjoy the technology aspect of fly rods, at the heart of all Primal rods is a helical core of Nano matrix prepreg. In simple terms, the first layer at the core of the fly rods are off-axis fibres that give the rods incredible hoop strength, as well as torsional stability. This makes the rods not only strong but means they cast a very smooth tight loop with very little tip bounce and exceptional tracking.

Less sideways movement of the rod blank while casting means more accurate, smoother casting.

Freshwater Fly Series – RAW

The RAW series of fly rods feature an ultra-high modulus prepreg of 65 and 57 MSI fibres held together with an extremely strong nano resin. This resin is so strong the manufacturers were able to reduce the resin content to half of what would normally be used by competitors. This reduces weight and increases the amount you feel through the blank.

The rods are fitted with customised machine cut skeletal reel seats, with double locking rings and stabilised timber inserts. The stripping guide is a titanium framed SIC and the guides are custom light wire single foot guides.

The rod actions are fast while still maintaining enough feel to drop a tiny dry at close range off the rod tip. The freshwater rod range includes an 8’6” 4 weight, with 5,6,7 and 8 weights which are all 9’ long. All of the rods are 4pce.

Saltwater Fly Series – MEGA

Primal Mega Saltwater Fly Rod

The MEGA series is built to handle aggressive saltwater predators, from our local kingfish and kahawai through to chasing the different species in the tropics. Once again, the improved tracking of the rod will maximise your chances when chasing the ocean fish species with clean, powerful and accurate casting.

The 57MSI blanks have optimal wall diameters to maximise lifting power without compromising the rod's casting ability. The reel seats are fully machined aluminium with titanium SIC stripper guides and corrosion resistant snake guides. The saltwater series are all 4pce and come in 8, 9, 10 and 12 weight, all in 9ft. Primal Fly Rods are the latest brand to come from Manic Tackle’s house of brands. They deliver a high premium performance and quality finish in a customised range designed for New Zealand anglers at an affordable price.