New Stuff From Loon Outdoors

By Chris Sharland 11/19/2019

Loon Outdoors creates some of our favourite products. Super clean looks combined with problem solving design and always a thought for the environment is a recipe for a company you can get behind. And who doesn't like to be able to buy some new fly fishing stuff that doesn't cost a fortune? Here are a few new pieces that you'll no doubt need to help populate some of that spare space you have in your vest, pack or fly tying bench...

Loon Amadou Patch

Amadou is primarily composed of a mushroom: "Fomes fomentarius", and its primary purpose is taking soggy, water-logged, good-for-nothing dry flies and getting them ready to fish again. A simple squeeze between the two pads of this magical material sucks out water from a drowned fly, restoring its ability to float. Though it stands alone as a means of keeping flies floating, it is best viewed as a piece of the dry fly puzzle that includes some kind of dip or gel, and/or a powder floatant.

Loon Rogue Zinger 2019

Loon Rogue Zinger

If you're looking for something that will reliably hold nippers, hemostats, floatant, or any other streamside accessory, then look no further. A Nite Ize S-Biner attaches this sturdy retractor to packs, waders, etc. and the 22 inch steel cable walks the fine line between being lightweight and heavy duty.

Loon Outdoors Hook Hone

Loon Hook Hone

Fact: you're more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife. Another Fact: you're more likely to miss fish with a dull hook. Think about it: your fly has a ton of opportunities to become dulled even if the hook was sharp when it left the manufacturer. Why not put your fly in the best condition to catch fish by sharpening it?

Loon Outdoors Fly Dip

Loon Fly Dip

We have tried a lot of dip floatants and love what they do to flies. What we don't love is how they smell, how flammable they are, and how inconsistent they are with our priority to make products that are safe for fish and fisheries. Fly Dip is proof that anglers shouldn't have to choose between a green product and a great product. It is compatible with all flies (including CDC), dries quickly, and can take even soggy flies and bring them back to life. It isn't overstating things to say that this floatant is a "game-changer".

Loon UV Fly Paint

Loon UV Coloured Fly Finish

UV Fly Finish is the coloured companion to UV Clear Fly Finish and does exactly what you want it to do: instantly provide colour and complexity to flies. The “Hot” colours are perfect for adding hot spots and trigger points, providing a subtle glow.