Manic's Media Partners

Gin-Clear Media is a multi-national company based in Te Anau, New Zealand. The company was formed 7 years ago with a clear objective to create inspiring and beautiful fly fishing films and fill a niche in the market that was being largely ignored.

Five feature length films and numerous commercial projects later, we feel that we have achieved a large part of what we set out to do. But rather than resting on our laurels, we have some large projects in the pipeline that we hope will enhance our reputation for quality and innovation.

We live and breathe fly fishing!

Backcountry - North Island Official Trailer from Gin Clear Media on Vimeo.



The Adventure Angler series is themed around exotic destinations with amazing and unique fishing opportunities, yet each show has an adventurous twist. Locations might be reached by jet skis, quad (motor) bikes, helicopter, inflatable boats, yachts or horses, but whatever the means it will be another great escapade for our intrepid hero, Micah Adams.

Adventure Angler showcases the finest fishing on the planet using methods such as fly, lures and soft plastics and also highlights the stunning landscapes for which each location has been chosen. Adventure Angler takes you to dream destinations and the fishing is as good as anything ever filmed!


We are all about teaching you the knowledge and techniques to head out on the water and catch trophy fish in shallow water, right at your back door step.

The idea of creating a TV show was born a cold morning, 3 miles off New Zealand North Cape in the middle of winter. Milan Radonich and Nikolaj Mathiesen (FlyGuy) had set out to fish the shallow waters, trying to find some massive fish hiding in the winterless north.

Within the first morning, they caught all they could ever dream of: massive snapper and trevally with several fish over 20lbs, huge kingfish one after another, the place was just on fire! That's when they decided to put big angry fish on film. They started up the motor, put the boat back on the trailer and spent the following 9 hours driving home talking about their new business plan.

The dream is now reality and Big Angry Fish, produced by Gillplate Productions Ltd, is on air Sundays 5.30pm on TV3. Enjoy.