Martin Langlands vs Airflo Bandit Fly Line

By Chris Sharland 03/05/2014

Review and photos courtesy of Martin Langlands -

It has been many years since I have tested an Airflo fly line so was very interested to fully field test the Airflo Bandit Camo line in both my personal fishing and guiding situations. This line is custom designed for New Zealand backcountry well known as some of the most demanding angling in the world.

My first impression for the line was very well packaged with just the right amount of information and was very impressed with the loop system it as at each end making it very easy to attach to backing (no fiddly knots needed ! Yippee) and very easy to attach leaders on front end also. The coloration looked very good so upon my reel it went and to the fabled waters of South Island New Zealand we headed for the real test!

As a guide my first judge of a floating line is how well it floats I see so many brand new lines that the tips incline towards sinking a big no-no when searching out big clever brown trout and to our pleasure the Airflo Bandit Camo line floated very well and after two months of testing still does, so a huge thumbs up on this one.

Next and most importantly how does it cast? As we were driving to the river my angling friend Jon mentioned that he felt his rod was not that good and he was having trouble casting it, well, I thought straight away that the rod was fine it would be the line maybe not matching the rod so as Jon laboured away we decided to swap reels and give it a try with the Bandit line. We were amazed the line just shot out and Jon went on to hook into some good fish casting better than ever and so the first experience was very positive. From then on we have used line in many situations such as headwater sight fishing, blind fishing larger rivers using big indicators and heavy nymphs, then in contrast fishing delicate slow flowing streams in North Otago (willow grubbers) spring creeks (spookers) and even streamer fishing in gale force north-west winds! In each situation the line performed very well and I feel the banded (camo) coloration gives angler a good advantage by breaking the solid colour to look more natural at the same time easy for the angler to see important for locating fly and slack line control.

Over the two months many clients have used the line and all have been very impressed many commenting that it is the perfect fly line and a huge thumbs up to the designers they have got the taper, colouration and importantly flotation. 100% effective, WELL DONE.

11/10 is my score on this line myself and many clients from the world over are super impressed!