Manic's Christmas Countdown - Day 2 - Lamson Speedster S

By Chris Sharland 12/02/2019

With every iteration of the Lamson Speedster we seem to find it in ourselves to love it more and more. Some things just shouldn't be messed with, but others can seamlessly move with the times and will take monumental bounds with incremental improvements. That said, the newest edition of the Speedster is quite the departure from what we have seen evolve over the last few years and is a full rethink of what a Speedster is, and this one is straight wow. It looks fast, the colours are cool, it's lighter and it's tougher. What do you get for someone who has all of the Speedsters? A Speedster S. It's the same, but better.

Speedster S Midnight


Lamson Speedster Ember