Manic Monday - Primal Raw - Charles Knyvett's First Impressions

By Charles Knyvett 10/05/2020

The Primal Raw 8'6" 4wt is a gem of a rod for my twig water territory. The light touch when I first picked it up was delicate; I'm not a fan of a heavy blank, especially in the factor of finesse fishing. A Lamson Liquid in seat and fly line wound neat and a 4wt outfit balanced perfectly is complete.

Photo: Tom Clancy

The action of the rod is gracious, great line control to ensure that delicate presentation. it almost seemed too easy to create that tight loop settling softly on the surface before the feeding salmonoid. We were targeting some tanks of fish for the equipment acquired, 4lb on 4wt took some time before the fish was tired. Bent right over; the blank had its work cut out, the big bulky bow scrambled about.  The drag was locked up but the primal endured as the successfully fooled fish, was secured. Its a great little rod just from one test run, great value for money, great casting, great fun!

Photo: Tom Clancy

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