Manic Monday - Matt Jones reviews the C&F Chest Stack

By Guest Blogger 06/06/2016

Going light can help simplify your fly fishing. By taking less gear, the overall weight you’re carrying drops. Having a lanyard with everything at your fingers, it’s lighter and much faster, hugely beneficial when fish may only be in shot for short periods of time where you’re fiddling round trying to apply floatant or change fly.

In this day and age of busy careers, multiple kid activities, and overlapping commitments, having a simple kit may make the difference of you getting out on a trip or not. If you hadn’t planned to go fishing but notice you’ve got a couple of hours free, picking up a lanyard with everything and tossing it in the truck is easy. 

Doesn’t look like everything you’d carry on your vest, but it is.
(Ok, I admit you can’t carry KFC in your lanyard.)

So when C&F Design bring out a new ultralight product, im all over it.
The new C&F CFA-810 Medium Chest Stacks are pretty brilliant to say the least.
These are very lightweight weighing only 151grams. They include increased storage space, small compartments for indicator yarn and split shot, fly threader, magnetic fly drying compartment, a loop on the back to hold a net, a tippet holder and much more. A pretty handy wee product if you want to carry everything without putting on a vest, perfect for a quick afternoon fish or overnight if you’re trying to cut down on weight. 

A nice dull grey, perfect for stalking. 

Manic Tackle Design are now bringing these bad boys into NZ, if you’re wanting to change it up completely or just have a simple alternative to your vest, ask at your favourite C&F stockist.