Join me at Rio Gallegos!

By Tim Angeli 12/11/2015

Chrome-bright sea-run browns up to 30+ pounds. 50km of private, meandering river set amongst the beauty of the vast Argentinian countryside. Explosive takes and blistering runs from world-renowned Rio Gallegos seatrout. A week of fully-guided fishing while staying in a luxurious yet comfortable lodge serving traditional Argentinian assado (barbeque) and local wine nightly. What’s not to love?!?

Join me for a truly memorable experience chasing the sea-run browns of the Rio Gallegos, at the Las Buitreras Lodge, Argentina during the week of 12-19 March, 2016. As the host, I am organising and facilitating the trip, as well as lending my experience as a former guide and current photographer and fly fishing addict, to ensure that all of the guests have the utmost experience, all at no additional cost to you. I have secured one of the prime weeks of the season, and look forward to hosting a week of epic fishing, camaraderie, laughs, stories, photos, South American culture, and travel. Single and double-handed rods, nymphing and swinging, fishing and laughing – we are going to do it all.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot for this memorable experience today.

Tim Angeli