Airflo Polyleaders

polyleaders floating trout sinking airflo poly leader tapered


Trout Polyleaders

From casting on a turbulent stream to searching the depths of your local lake, this range of leaders covers the full spectrum of trout fishing situations. Smoothly tapered to give easy turn over of dries, nymphs and streamers, these leaders open up many new techniques not only with a floating line but with sinking lines as well.The 10' version is particularly useful on stillwaters and larger rivers.
Max. tippet 12lb available in 5’, 8’ and 10’ lengths.

  5' 8' 10'
Clear Floating x x x
Clear Hover x - -
Clear Intermediate x - x
Slow Sinking x - -
Fast Sinking x - x
Super Fast Sinking x - -
Extra Super Fast Sinking x - x


light trout poly leader presentation polyleader airflo

Light Trout Polyleaders

Designed with greater suppleness and shock absorption for use on light lines. Floating, hover and intermediate leaders ensure the most delicate of presentations to spooky fish in lakes and spring creeks, whilst the sinking versions allow nymphs to be fished at depth without adding weight to the fly or shot to the tippet. The 8' models keep the shadow of the line even further from the fly.
Max. tippet 8lb available in 5’ and 8’ lengths.

  Light Trout 5' Light Trout 8'
Clear Floating x x
Max. Tippet 12lb 12lb


polyleader indicator czech nymphing shortline airflo

Indicator Polyleaders

This Hi-Vis fluorescent floating Polyleader has become essential for helping to avoid drag while fishing spinners in low light. It's also the perfect leader for turning over your indicator and will help with all your nymph fishing.
Max. tippet 8lb-12lb, available in 5’ and 8’ lengths.


  Trout 8'
Flo Orange Floating x
Max. Tippet 12lb


 salmon steelhead polyleader big fish

Salmon and Steelhead Polyleaders

Available in three densities in 10' and 14’ lengths to provide complete depth control that is so often essential for salmon/steelhead /lunker fishing. Intermediate and Fast sink leaders are perfect for avoiding drag with a floating line, and the extra super fast sinking leader gets the fly deep quickly. These leaders improve your anchor when spey casting .... definately worth using.
Max. tippet 24lb available in 10’ and 14’ lengths.


  Salmon 10' Salmon 14'
Intermediate Sink x x
Fast Sinking x x
Extra Super Fast Sinking x x
Max. Tippet 24lb 24lb



bone fish bonefish tropical fly fishing polyleader

Bonefish Polyleaders

These bonefish leaders allow perfect presentation with long tippet lengths and delicate patterns on calm shallow flats, or short tippets and lead-eyed flies in tough windy conditions. The harder polymer gives greater abrasion resistance and stiffness in warm temperatures.
Max. tippet 24lb, 7’.

  Bonefish 7'
Clear Floating x
Clear Intermediate x
Max. Tippet 24lb


Titanium Predator Polyleader

A tough leader for mean fish - this super tough clear PolyLeader has an incredible, almost indestructible Titanium wire insert that just keeps going fish after fish. In our field tests, as many as fifty fish were landed on a single leader. Each leader is complete with swivel to eliminate leader twist and snap link for ease of use. Suitable for toothy predators in fresh and saltwater. Available in 7’ length.