Wellington Flyfishers Club

Wellington Fly Fishing Club

Wellington Flyfisher's Club is one of the largest fly fishing clubs in New Zealand and was established in 1984. Our membership currently varies between 230 and 250. Tight Lines, the monthly newsletter outlines all upcoming events and other articles of interest. Club activites include invited speakers at monthly meetings; onstream days where members can fish local waters with an experienced angler; club trips further afield; activities for juniors; tuition in flyfishing, casting and fly tying; as well as maintaining the Capital Trout Centre - a 40m pond stocked with rainbow trout where junior anglers and other groups can experience flyfishing.

Being the Capital City of New Zealand, Wellington attracts a wide variety of people, some for only a short time. Although members are lost to the club each year because they become employed elsewhere, many continue to maintain their subscription and contact with the club, including overseas residents.


A club meeting is held on the first Monday of every month except January. There is a meeting even if the Monday is a public holiday (Waitangi Day, Easter Monday, Queen's Birthday, Opening Day). Meetings are held at the Apollon Clubrooms, 75 Adelaide road, newtown (200 m south of Basin Reserve - parking available at Newbolds), commencing at

The Porirua Trout Centre

The Trout Centre is located behind the Recycling Centre, Landfill Road Happy Valley. Prior to the development of the trout centre the club ran a children's fish-out day once a year at Whitby Lake, Porirua. The Whitby day however attracted few children from the Wellington City area and the club looked for a solution to this problem.

There were no facilities in the Wellington City area, which could be used by the public or for the training of young anglers. Initially it was hoped the Karori dams, once decommissioned, would be a suitable venue. However this site was not available due to the development of the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary.

This project originated from an idea by Chris Anastasiadis. The trout centre has become an important recreational facility for Wellington and this club. The facility was created with funding from the Wellington City
Council, local businesses and organisations, individual and group donations, and the voluntary work of professionals and club members.

The opening in September 1999 followed an introduction of 1000 R strain rainbows from the trout hatchery at Rotorua. The first children's fishing days occurred immediately after. There was a further release of 1000 rainbows in September 2000.


The Wellington Fly Fishers Club has a fantastic website with a number of great resources to any angler such as a condition factor calculator, you can check it out at www.wellingtonflyfishers.org.nz