Friday Fly Day - How do you like YOUR eggs?

By Chris Dore 08/10/2018

Just like I get bored of the same old thing for breakfast each day, trout may get bored too. However I really like eggs, and over winter trout do too. Unlike my in-season fly boxes where I rely on a small number of very targeted patterns, my winter boxes are full of flies of different colours, sizes and profiles sporting a variety of materials which I switch out regularly to get the result. In winter when trout aren’t feeding avidly and respond more out of aggression, I find variety is key.

I find it’s important to carry a variety of egg patterns on any given day. Yarn patterns in different colour ways for different river and light conditions, soft ‘real egg’ style patterns for when trout are playing tough. A cluster pattern or two for when you really need more of a profile. Even a coloured tungsten bead makes for a heavier egg representation on days when you just need to get deep. Some days I swear a veil, or a bit of flash is essential to success and other days it seems like less is more.

Glo Bug Steelhead Orange

Otters Soft Egg Kiwi

Otters Cluster Apricot

Epoxy Egg Tangerine

Unreal Egg Peach

In slower moving, or still waters trout will hold a realistic, soft egg pattern for longer than a yarn type imitation allowing you time to set the hook but if your casting isn’t smooth and you’re whipping them about you’ll need something a lot more durable.

If you’ve got one size egg pattern, in only one colour and the fish aren’t eating it, what are you going to do?