Friday Fly Day - A Look Inside Kyle’s Fly Box

By Kyle Adams 07/26/2019

I love nothing more than experimenting with different flies as it’s fun and very rewarding when it all comes together and the fish eats. However, often we reach for our reliable tried and true patterns that work time and time again and these become our confidence flies and let’s face it, there is nothing better than fishing with confidence. Below I have listed a bunch of patterns that I have dialled in over the years, these are my go-to winter flies.

Hares Ear Jig Bomb

This is very effective fly pattern which I use as my bomb fly when indicator nymphing. This fly rides upside down due to the positioning of the tungsten bead via the jig style hook and the fly tends to snag less due to this. I typically fish this fly in two sizes. The #10 has a 5.5mm tungsten bead and #12 has a 4.6mm tungsten bead. These two choices in weight doing a great job of getting down to the fish and will cover most conditions and situations that present themselves on the likes off the Tongariro.

Kryptonite Caddis Green

This fly is a cool little morsel and has a buggy collar with a translucent abdomen. It’s a great little caddis pattern that lets the sunshine through.

Korbay’s Czech Nymph Olive

Korbay’s Czech Nymph Tan

The Tongariro river is a very large and stable river which creates perfect habitat for stream bed insects the like caddis. I like to fish either of the two colours which I find just as effective as each other.

Silverman’s Caddis Larvae

Here is a great pattern that I throw in the mix when I feel I need to try and grab a bit more attention, that’s when then the bling comes out.

Pheasant Tail Flash Back

Can’t go past a good old flash back PT! A buggy pattern that fishes well. The flash back comes into its own when the sun hits the water.

Otter’s Soft Egg Tangerine

Go to realistic egg pattern. I really like this in the tangerine colour trailing about 20-30cm behind the bomb.

Yoshi Bugger Brown

You can’t go past a hot head woolly bugger! This fly imparts great movement while the hot head is a great trigger.

Keller’s She Demon Brown

Nice silhouette and flash via the body materials. Dipping movement via the weighted bead head.

Woolly Bugger Hustler

The Hustler has been around a long time and is a well-known fly for its effectiveness. Well here is the Woolly Bugger version still incorporating the winter fishing triggers through the body colour but now with added movement provided by the bead head and marabou tail.

Winter fishing is well underway now with reports coming through of some great fishing in the Central Plateau. If you haven’t already, now is the time to go through and organise your gear and making sure your flies are in order. If they are not, or you need some other options then head to your local fishing store and grab some from my list.