Christmas Countdown Day #13 - Airflo Tracker Flyline

By Chris Sharland 12/13/2018

Nothing enhances your fly fishing experience easier than getting a new fly line. There's something about threading up a fresh one and those first casts just sliding out like melting garlic butter on an eye fillet steak. You soon promise yourself to treat yourself to a new line more often than once every couple of years but as we all know sometimes these things get overlooked and only remedied when the issue becomes way too obvious and problematic. Well how about being a lifesaver and treating that special someone in your life to the gift of an easy shooting, high floating and a fun casting Airflo Tracker fly line this Christmas? It's like a new pair of socks but way better.

The Airflo SuperDri Tracker fly line is designed to load today’s faster action fly rods at all ranges. The slightly heavier weight forward head has a moderate taper optimised for casting into the wind and generating higher line speeds. Fast loading for quick-fire short presentations and a long belly for blasting long casts to the other bank when you need it up your sleeve.