Waterworks-Lamson Reels Changing the Retrieve

Important: Do not remove the drag knob or the black nut with two small holes in it.

First, with the drag knob facing you, remove the spool (by holding the edge of the case with your fingers push your thumbs through the ports of the case and push the spool out). Put the spool aside. Holding the frame/case in your hand, unscrew the black cap with gear teeth at the end of the center cylinder. The clutch should fall out (tap lightly on flat surface if necessary). Flip the clutch over and reinstall. Female notches on the clutch must fit into male notches inside the cylinder. To ensure the clutch is fully seated and notches are properly engaged, use your pinky, ball point pen or similar clean tool to rotate clutch as necessary. Reinstall the cap by hand.
Please watch our instructional video that will visually walk you through this process.