C&F Fly Fishing Tools

C&F Design Fly Fishing Accessories CFA-42 Clipper

CFA-42 3-in-1 Clipper

  • This is a very unique tool that has a clipper, threader, and eye cleaner in one tool
  • Comes with Short Threaders (standard/midge) and 3 spare blades
  • Built-in magnet holds the blade tightly.
C&F design clipper

CFA-150 Clipper

  • A great little clipper with a rubber grip to give you extra purchase.
  • Colour: Black or silver
C&F Design Fly Fishing Accessories CFA-30 Rubicell Fly Drier

CFA-30 Rubycell Fly Dryer

  • Fly Dryer utilising quick-wicking Rubycell material
  • Rubycell is microporous polyurethane with high moisture permeability and water absorption
  • Soft, non-damaging texture
  • Color:DG
C&F Design Fly Fishing Accessories CFA-100 thermometer.

CFA-100 3-in-1 Thermo

  • Innovative product with 3 functions: Thermometer, Waste Line Holder and Lost Fly Catcher
  • Color:GN
C&F Design Fly Fishing Accessories CFA-112 Power Float


CFA-112 Power Float

  • Super performance gel floatant without greasy feel
  • Usable on delicate CDC feathers
  • Long nose tube for ease of use
  • Net: 10mg
C&F Design Fly Fishing Accessories CFA-70 retractor



CFA-70 2-in-1 Retractor

  • Popular retractor holds 2 small tools such as clippers
  • Unique one-piece urethane curl cord construction
  • Maximum length : 270 (mm)
  • Color:BK

CFA-72 Flex Pin-on Reel

  • Reel rotate 360 degree to pull out code without any stress (See figure)
  • Flex pin on reel has neodymium magnet (Fly Catcher) in center so that you won't lose flies when changing flies
  • Stable clip located on the back of the reel will hold this tool on your vest without making a pin hole
  • Maximum length : 700 mm
  • Color:BK
Nail knot tool, nail knot connection how to leader to fly line connection fly fishing


CFA-11 Nail Knot Tool

  • Great for making a seamless connection between a mono leader and the end of your fly line.

C&F Design threaders fly fishing CF-601 guides nz south island

CF-601 Threader Pack

  • Useful to keep in your vest for threading flies or to top up your CF-101 fly box.


CFA-310 Line Pallet

  • CFA-310 is a float type line pallet which designed for still water fishermen. Select included 2 belts and shock cord for avoiding to lose depend on situation.
  • W590×D447×H20mm
  • Corn×16pcs