Grand Slam Saltwater Boxes


C&F Fly Box CFGS-2500 saltwater fly box  new zealand fly secrets guides brown trout

CFGS-3500 L-size MSF for Ex. Large Flies Grand Slam W.P.F.C

The case for medium to large saltwater streamers, even tarpon flies. For New Zealand this is a great box for carrying large King Fish flies. It's also easy to lay up ranges of flies of different size due to the foam lay out.

  • Weight: 200g
  • Color: Sky Blue

CFGS-3500CT L-size Single Sided MSF for Ex.Large Flies Grand Slam W.P.F.C.

This case is designed for medium to large salt water streamers, or tarpon flies. Because it has a clear top, flies can be seen easily.
  • Weight : 180g
  • With : 27 Slits
  • Color : OW/CL

CFGS-3544 L-size MSF 4/4 Pockets Grand Slam W.P.F.C.

Appropriate for carrying small and medium sized salt water flies, such as McCrab and Del's Merkin Crab.
  • Weight : 202g
  • With : 100 Slits
  • Color : ED

C&F Fly Box CFGS-3555 saltwater fly fishing box new zealand fly secrets guides kingfish on fly

CFGS-3555 L-size MSF 5/5 PocketsGrand Slam W.P.F.C.

Ideal choice for carrying small saltwater flies such as Crazy Charlie and Gotcha patterns. Good all purpose box, also great for large freshwater streamers.

  • Weight: 202g
  • Color: Sandy Tan