C&F Fly Patches

C&F Design Fly Fishing Accessories CFA-50/MSF Fly Patch

CFA-50-MSF Chest Patch

  • Easy to see flies because you don't have to shift your eyes sideways as with conventional fly patches
  • Large side gates for ventilation and main Micro Slit Foam for secure holding
  • Three additional methods to hold flies: cover foam, magnets and Threaders
  • Color:BK

CFS-20 Fly Patch for Salt Water Flies

  • For salmon and salt water flies.
  • Thick Micro Slit Foam.
  • Color : GY
  • Size : W 90 mm x H 65 mm
C&F Design Fly Fishing Accessories CFA-25/S Fly Patch


CFA-25/S Fly Protector

  • S-Size Micro Slit Foam
  • Fly protector with a small-size Micro Slit Foam.
  • Polypropylene cover protects flies from damage.
  • Size : H 65 W 90 (mm)
  • Color:SM

CFA-27 Fly Patch for Cap

  • Eight neodymium magnets on the Fly Patch hold flies and you can avoid losing them.
  • Ideal to stock flies temporarily when you change it.