What's My Rig? Tom Hodge

Tom Hodge is a Canterbury based fly fishing guide who spends most of his time chasing trout in Canterbury's finest and clearest braided rivers amongst Canterbury's high country.

Tom Hodge

Epic New Zealand Adventure.



Rod: Scott Radian 9ft #6

Reel: Lamson Speedster

Line: Airflo Super Dri Bandit

The lowdown to Canterbury's high country braided rivers is mid to long range presentations to sighted trout in crystal clear water. Sizing of your leader is very important I find 12-15 tapered leaders with 6-8ft of light Fluro tippet is the norm as the natural drag free drifts and getting down to the fish is extremely important. With these typical longer leaders they can be difficult to turn over that's where fly rod of choice is very important for me the Scott radian 9ft #6 handles this extremely well, with pin point delicate casts with double nymph rigs, big drys or heavy streamers this rod suits my fishing perfectly all over Canterbury.

The Radian is a fast action rod where fast meets feel and is a suitable rod for controlling your line speed and fly placement what ever the situation throughs at you. My choice of fly line I use to load up the Scott Radian is an Airflo super dri bandit which has a great all round performance taper and is incredibly durable, I find it very easy to load up and get great presentation with minimal disturbance to the water which is key when casting at edgy trout in clear waterways.

Tom Hodge, What's My Rig