Unsolicited Thoughts On The Airflo Skagit Switch

For most anglers out there casting nicely is a big part of the fishing experience but every now and then you come across someone to whom it seems to be THE part of the experience and catching fish is merely a by-product.

We recently received an email from Michael Bakker which reinforces this notion and goes to show not all of us are on auto-pilot when we're trying to get our flies in front of fish.

"Having recently purchased the Airflo Skagit Switch in 360gr through Hunting & Fishing New Plymouth the first use was in the Tongariro in low testing conditions. The purpose of choosing this particular line was to remedy a common problem with sub 11 foot switch rods when wading knee deep and over, that is creating an effective D loop to load the casts without excessive hand extensions. I fish a 10’ 4” switch rod which has plenty of low down power but the issue had been to get enough load without having to speed up on the back cast with subsequent pulling of my anchor point. Now I can come around in one smooth action, the rod loads and launch into the forward stroke making effortless 12-15 metre shots with a type 6, 10 foot ploy leader and medium intruder style fly. Checkout the YouTube instruction by Tim Rajeff on this line, very well done and no exaggerated claims as I found out. Yes, I even managed bullet shaped casts with less concentration, especially near the end of the day when joints are cold and the bite is slow.
Nothing beats hooking up down stream swing, yes I probably would hook up more nymphing but its cool laying out casts with snap-t and a combination of other spey sets, chucking in a mend, then following the line through the swing and then letting it hang at the end, because those fish will sometimes hit after 30 seconds. And they're the ones that make 100’s of casts worthwhile."

Proof the system works.