Techy Thursdays - The good oil on Trouthunter

It's the final connection between angler and fish, essentially the "weakest" link in your fly fishing set up - so it makes sense to use a very strong product.

Trout Hunter tippets and leaders have been designed, developed and heavily tested on the world famous Henry's Fork of the Snake river in Idaho, USA - and when you spend as much time on the water as these guys, you'd have a fair idea of what's going to work!

The result? The perfect blend of quality, technology and functionality.

The verdict? A big thumbs up! (pun intended - check out the cool thumb spools!)

No more fumbling around through your vest pocket to find the right spool - Trout Hunter's fluorocarbon (and Co-polymer) tippet material is served on very cool large-arbor 50 meter "thumbhole" spool for easy access and low material memory. The spools stack'n'clip together and feature colour coded rubber tenders to protect the tippet – this keeps everything tidy and organised.

Off the spool this high quality Japanese fluorocarbon is very supple, super slick and boasts an awesome strength to diameter ratio. Knots slide shut and hold with ultimate strength and with the perfect amount of tippet stretch, you can fish with confidence. This material is ultra abrasive resistant and withholds some serious punishment while keeping it's slick surface.

The best performing material packaged on a revolutionary spool system, kind of like the best cheese on the perfect cracker.

It's no wonder why Trout Hunter fluorocarbon has received the industry's "Dealers Choice Award" as well as winning "George Anderson's Tippet Shootout 2012"

Check out Manic’s full range of Trout Hunter products, including both Fluorocarbon and Co-polymer tippets and custom tapered leaders.