Techy Thursdays - Simms, made in the USA

Simms is a brand forged in the American West. And as a product of that cultural and geographic landscape, they’re proud to be the sole wader manufacturer in the country bringing American-made goods to market. Today all Simms’ GORE-TEX® waders are handcrafted by skilled professionals and stitched one seam at a time in Bozeman, MT. This premier lineup is the product of hundreds-of-thousands of river hours, extensive in-house research, design & development, and the most aggressive seam strength, abrasion resistance, and leak testing genetics ever engineered.

As a result, Simms has captured award-winning recognition for its technology advancements, as well as for its drive to protect fishery resources through enhanced environmental safety and education standards. But being made in America also means something more. Montana Senator Max Baucus recently summed up Simms well, calling it… “The kind of Montana business that can inspire others through hard work and innovation by sharing Montana's outdoor heritage with the world and selling products that evoke Montana—a great place to do business, live, work, and fish.”

In addition to evoking Montana, one of Simms’ greatest rewards stems from giving back to and engaging with the ambassadors of the angling world. Professional guides and workhorse anglers of all stripes know that the Made in Bozeman stamp means that when you step into Simms you’re stepping into the best—period. Their on-the-water input is a vector for product development and continued field-inspired innovation. From the river to our Bozeman laboratories to the world—the goal is unparalleled all-weather comfort and performance, with nothing lost in translation.

Made in the U.S.A. means many things, but mostly it’s a satisfaction guarantee that stems from their Bozeman backyard to ours here in NZ and AU. And it’s a quality difference that lives and breathes on the water.