Techy Thursdays - Quick spey tips

Here's a couple of spey casting tips from the guys that are in the know. We've got a couple of projects in the works that will help enlighten you to the longer side of fly but this should help get you started in the meantime. If you don't have a switch or spey setup just yet you can still hit the water with your standard 9ft rod and learn casts like the Snap T or Snake Roll. That will get you grounded in the concept of spey casting enabling you to hit the water running when it comes time for the big rods.

Chris Dore

When setting your anchor, compensate for the speed of the current. For example setting your anchor in close, expecting for the downstream current to have pulled it away when it’s time to hit. Likewise, set it further upstream in a faster current and compensate with the rod tip on delivery. You want ideally to track forward just inside of the anchor.

Rene Vaz

Work with your overhang (amount of running line hanging out the tip to your shooting head), if it's too short any tip bounce during the stroke will translate into your loop and it will either tail or just look shitty. If it's too long then you'll lose energy transfer into the head and you'll have a whole lot more problems.......but when you get it right, you'll know you've got it right.


The most common and hard to overcome problem for a new Spey caster is over powering by the upper-hand. This problem is usually caused by insufficient distance between the lower handle and your body at the key position before the forward cast. Therefore the only way to make the cast is by using the upper hand.
To solve this problem try to push the lower grip away from your body a little bit more during the D-Loop creation, instinctively you will pull the butt back to your body and reduce the overpowering by the upper-hand.

Speaking of getting started, here's a great starting point on gear that you might need to get the ball rolling and won't break the bank. Click the links for full product info that should help decipher some of the lingo for you.

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