Techy Thursday - Fly Line Refresher

We have all been fishing the last few weeks now, and maybe that old line doesn’t feel as fresh as it once was. We maybe thought we would get one more season from it but why hack on with something that performs at less than 100% when every trout, and our NZ conditions demand our best?

Airflo lines are not made from plastic, are 100% PVC free in fact and will not dry out and crack with use. Accordingly they are not affected by bug spray and other chemicals and with the super buoyant, and long lasting properties of Super Dri technology your line will perform months down the track the same way it did on day one.

And forget about your mate who says they don’t float. With Airflo’s new, patented Super Dri technology you will be slinging some of the most buoyant lines on the market.


Our all-round trout presentation line, and my personal go to on each of my Radians, G2, Blade and Creek rods. If you’re looking for something to turn over dries, nymphs and the odd streamer then the Elite will do it with smooth, controlled loops and precision.


Our NZ specialist line, designed right here at Manic by kiwi anglers for kiwi backcountry rivers. The medium aggressive taper and head design of the Bandit ensures that those longer leaders backcountry rivers demand receive the energy they require to turn over time and time again. Wind resistant dries, bushy indicators or your favourite double tungsten stonefly? No problem and our banded camouflage front taper adds both the feeling of stealth, and a visual aid to gauge distance of the unrolling loop. My go - to guiding lines.


Sometimes you just need that little more oomph. The Ballistic is another line designed exclusively by Manic to both assist in loading faster actioned fly rods, and deal to those huge Canterbury nor-westers. Slightly heavier and with a short, powerful taper the Ballistic is a good choice for beginners, those not fishing often enough to adjust to rough conditions, or the more experienced angler wanting to punch out big flies in gnarly weather.


The Hero is another in-house Manic design and the ultimate distance line. More than that, I regularly fish it on my 6wt Radian for control over all distances where long leaders and big flies are a given, or roll casting and single hand speys are often required. My favourite headwater line. Let’s see what Rene says about them...

“The new Super Dri Hero is long front taper, long belly and long rear fly line. Here’s how it works...

The long front taper gives you delayed turnover of the loop so the cast travels longer before it drops. It’s also better for aerial mends as you have more time as the line shoots before the head rolls over and it drops. In the past we found a long front line would lose too much power and be a pain in the butt for fishing long leaders or dry dropper rigs. What we did to compensate on the Hero is combine it with a thicker tip diameter which maintains power and further improves buoyancy. In the right hands this gives improved handling on the water, longer casts and better control in the air. For the pro’s these are the way to go.”


The new kid on the block, this non ridged, Super Dri general purpose taper sits on the slightly more aggressive side of the Elite. With a heritage shared by the popular Chalkstream and backcountry lines, the Forge had a lot to live up to, and has already become a popular seller. With a 40' head including an 8' front taper, and 7' rear boasting superb turnover, not to mention the benefits of Airflo’s Super Dri technology, you have a higher floating, low maintenance line which will stay buoyant for longer, with durability and performance unmatched by plastic PVC lines.

PHOTO: Tim Angeli