Techy Thursday - Airflo Stealth

Want an edge over super spooky trout?

Kiwi anglers have long been adding clear polyleaders and then leaders to their fly lines, to further assist in keeping the heavier silhouette of their fly line away from the trout.

What if there was a clear tip line designed to the specific NZ conditions? Well there is...

A couple of seasons back we recognised the need for such a line and designed the Airflo Ridge Clear Stealth.

Based on the popular Tactical delivery taper and finished in our supple coating for performance in our cool water conditions, the Stealth is a favourite of many backcountry, and presentation anglers for those days where the sun is beating down and the fish just aren't playing ball.

Now this clear tip is not invisible to the trout... If you slap any line down near a fish, they will notice, but what it brings to the game is a 'softer', less noticeable silouhette when drifting towards the trout. Imagine looking at the sky through a piece of wood... Now try that again looking through a sheet of perspex... Keeping the heavier silouhette of your fly line further from the trout is a no brainer...

A benefit of Airflo's construction technique is that multiple colour changes can be incorporated into a one piece line, meaning fused joins and no associated hinging.

Add to this the supple coat technology and you have a smooth casting, coil free clear tip line to deal with those troublesome, clear water trout.

So throw this in your pack as a go to on those trickier backcountry days. My clients sure benefit from it...