How to Position Studs in Simms Stream Tread

So you'll all probably know that Simms use sticky rubber soles made by Vibram which you can put studs in. what we are often asked is where to put the studs and what's the difference in the three types of studs, so here's the breakdown.

Types of Studs

Hardbite Stud - basically these are a small screw in stud with a hard tungsten head that gives the boot good traction and durability.

HardBite Stud - Vibram

Tungsten Hardbite Star Cleat - With a bigger surface area than the studs, star cleats will give you increase traction and durability.

HardBite Star Cleat

Aluminium Star Cleats - Now these puppies will give you the most grip as the softer aluminium compound molds to the rock shape. The only downside is the aluminium cleats will wear out quicker than the tungsten studs. We highly recommend mixing tungsten and aluminium studs.

AlumiBite Star Cleat

Laying out your Studs

Here are a few stud layout designs,

Star Cleats™ HardBite™ Studs HardBite™ Studs
& Star Cleats™