Friday Fly Day - The Born Free Green Caddis

By Paul MacAndrew

A distinctive looking larva with its bright green body, darkish head and protruding claw like fore legs.

It is commonly found in good numbers in the head waters of our South Island back country rivers and streams , and prefers the slower flowing rocky edges where it preys on other minute streambed insects.

I have also had great fishing in Stillwater situations, fishing them under an indicator suspended just of the bottom where trout are foraging for the naturals.

Manics Korbays Czech nymph has proven itself to be a winner over the past couple of seasons, either tied on behind a heavy beaded nymph as a dropper when searching out fish in deeper bouldery runs or fishing it dead drift on its own to sighted fish in the shallows.

A premo pattern and one well worth having in your fly box for angler fishing here in NZ.